Wet Sounds SHIVR-55 (black)



Overview: The Wetsounds Stealth SHVR-55 is a portable cooler with a built-in sound system and battery pack. Featuring double wall insulation, this fully roto-molded cooler can keep food and drinks cold for days while providing music from either a Bluetooth enabled device or portable player using the Auxiliary input.

Roto-molding: The Stealth SHVR-55 is a durable and heavy-duty cooler manufactured using Rotational Molding (Roto-molding). This manufacturing process facilitates construction of hollow parts of limitless size in a cost-effective manner. Resins are added into a mold that's heated and rotated slowly. This simultaneous heating and rotation distributes and fuses the resin on the inner surfaces of the mold. The result is a product that has seamless parts with a uniform thickness, along with more material in the corners to help absorb shocks and stresses.

Construction: The rugged cooler features rope carry handles on either side with comfortable neoprene grips for easy portability. Two large rubber latches keep the lid secured tightly and each front corner of the lid includes molded holes for adding an optional lock (sold separately). The cooler also features a pressure relief button to facilitate easier opening when the pressure drops inside. For added convenience, four cup holders are molded into the top of the lid and a 1" drain plug is provided. The Stealth SHVR-55 is IP67 rated for protection from dust ingress and water immersion up to 1 meter in depth.

Sound System: The Stealth SHVR-55 includes a built-in 6 speaker sound system with a 200 watt DSP amplifier. Included are four 3" mid-bass drivers and two 1" titanium tweeters arrayed along the front of the cooler and protected by a heavy-duty metal-mesh grill.

Bluetooth: Playback sources for the Stealth SHVR-55 include Bluetooth for streaming music from a Bluetooth enabled device. One device at a time can be paired to the cooler, which is initiated by pressing the BT/Aux button on the front panel control pad until the backlit button flashes blue, then search for "SHIVR cooler" on the Bluetooth device. Once paired, the front panel controls can be used to control your Bluetooth device or the controls on your device.

Aux Input/Output: Included with the front panel control pad is a 3.5mm Aux input jack for playback from a portable audio device. The control pad also includes a 3.5mm Aux output, which allows you to daisy-chain multiple coolers from one Aux input source. Both input and output jacks include protective rubber covers.

Charging: The sound system is powered from an internal, 5200mAh, sealed lithium-ion battery pack that can provide up to 8 hours of play time. A charging module with both AC and 12V lighter adapter plugs are included for recharging the internal battery no matter where you are. Charging is done through a front-panel charging port, with protective rubber cover, which can take up to 7 - 8 hours for a fully discharged battery. A front-panel charging LED indicates battery power level.

Control Panel: Included on the front of the cooler is the control panel for the sound system which include the following:

  • Power - Play/Pause:
    • Long Press: On/Off
    • Short Press: Play/Pause (BT only), Mute (Aux In only)
  • BT/Aux In:
    • Blink Blue Light: BT pairing mode
    • Solid Blue Light: BT paired
    • No Light: Aux In is selected
    • Short Press: Selects BT or Aux In
    • Long Press: Disconnects BT
  • Charging Indicator LED:
    • Green: Battery capacity is at 21% - 100%
    • Red: Battery capacity is at 6% - 20%
    • Blinking Red: Battery capacity is at less than 5%
  • Reset
  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down
  • Next Track
  • Previous Track
  • 12VDC Charging Input (w/protective rubber cover)
  • Aux Input (w/protective rubber cover)
  • Aux Output (w/protective rubber cover)


  • Amplifier: Built-in 200 watt
  • Speaker Drivers: Four 3" mid-bass, two 1" tweeters
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz
  • Operating Voltage: 12VDC
  • IP67 Rated: Protection from dust ingress and water immersion up to 1 meter in depth.
  • External Dimensions: Width - 30", Height - 18.0", Depth - 19.0"
  • Internal Capacity: Approximately 2,667 cu. in. (1.54 cu. ft.) or 58 Quarts (approximately 30 - 36 12oz. cans)